Cardamom spice was used in cooking by the Ancient Greeks, then by the Romans, through the Middle Ages and up to today. It is thought that cardamom was brought back to Europe from its native country, India, by soldier of Alexander the Great. Once in Europe, Cardamom became popular for medicinal ailments such as aiding digestion and as a stimulant.

Today, Cardamom is mostly used as a spice, and has a unique name in many countries, but it is especially popular in India (where it is called “Elaichi”), Arabia, Asian, Scandinavian, and some African countries. Some claim that the spice has aphrodisiac properties.

Cardamom is produced in India, Guatemala, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, and Vietnam. North America buys most of its loose cardamom seed from Guatemala because India’s fondness of cardamom consumes the majority of what their country produces.